Information for JAMs

Heard of JAMs?

They are the younger dancers (the Junior Associate Members) of the New Zealand Branch of Scottish Country Dancers. Young people are welcomed at Scottish Country Dance clubs in our Region.
If you have any questions just send an email to our JAM co-ordinator Jeanette Lauder who would love to hear from you.
By joining them (for a small fee) you will hear a bit more about what other young dancers around the country are doing.

Medal Tests

Once you have been dancing for a while you might choose to work towards a Medal Test. Click on the Medal Test link below to find out what is involved. For younger dancers, we suggest you enjoy dancing with others and developing your steps, until you reach the eligibility age of 8 years.

You will find more information here

Youth Page of the New Zealand Branch website.
Medal tests Find out what you need to work on for each level of the tests.

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