The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

As Scottish Country dancing is enjoyed around the world – with branches and clubs in Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Pacific, Europe, and of course, Britain – the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society provides the leading role in further promoting dancing and in providing opportunities for dancers to enhance their dancing ability.

Miss Jean Milligan

Mrs Ysobel Stewart

The Scottish Country Dance Society was started in 1923 to firstly assist in the recording and publication of dances and their music, and secondly to grow the appreciation of Scottish Country Dancing. Its founders were Miss Jean Milligan, a physical education teacher of Glasgow, and Mrs Ysobel Stewart of Fasnacloich, and as well as collecting and publishing dance books, the society established regular weekend and summer schools for dancers to learn new skills, formations and dances.
The RSCDS is headquartered in Edinburgh. The society provides educational and published resources and support to dancers and teachers of Scottish Dancing through the society’s branches. While encouraging excellent standards of dancing and teaching, it is the social spirit and enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing that the RSCDS ultimately seeks to spread and promote.

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