Some useful links

New Zealand Branch

Regions of New Zealand branch with their own website
Auckland and Northland

These clubs in our region have their own website
Lochiel (Hamilton)
Hamilton Scottish

RSCDS New Zealand Branch - Many books and CDs are available from our own branch
RSCDS Headquarters - Books, CDs and other accessories may be ordered online here
TAC Bookshop - Managed by the Teachers' Association of Canada
TAC Sound On-line - TAC also has a comprehensive catalogue of CDs and DVDs
Ruary's Books - Here you can obtain books published by local teacher, Ruary Laidlaw

Munro Shoes - Although supplied from the UK, these shoes may be available from Ken Weeks Scottish Imports
Thistle Shoes - Ken Weeks also stocks these shoes which he imports from Scotland
Billy Forsyth - Another excellent dance shoe with a distributor in NewZealand
Scots in Spirit - Supplies a variety of kilt hose, including the House of Cheviot range from Scotland

Dance Database - A comprehensive catalogue of dances, publications and recordings
Strathspey Server - An online forum for discussion about all aspects of Scottish dancing
Minicrib - Go here to download cribs for over 4500 dances
SCD Dictionary - A Comprehensive Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary (terminology, dance cribs and videos)
Scottish Dance Archives - Where you will find the original instructions for over 200 dances (now hosted by London Branch)
Ruary's social dances - A selection of well-known dances which you might wish to include on a ball programme

Battle of fun - Gym v Scottish Dancing
Psychology Of Scottish Dancing
Sounds of Scotland - An online radio station popular with for Scots and non Scots all over the world.

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